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Her face was so red by the time Frank cummed in her pussy as I felt the relief that he was wearing a condom and hopefully this was now over.

After some time, I got so hooked that I would ask her to tell me about her adventures while I licked her pussy and afterwards we would fuck like rabbits.

After she took a trip to her best friend’s wedding (where she fucked the best man and when she returned home told me all about it) we ended up having a whole week of fucking and sucking with a visiting friend of mine, named Humbert.

Auuu bole bf er mathar chul tene dhore buker sathe these dhore dui bacchar maa akhi. Sash neoar fole ektu sursuri lagcilo tai pet take vetore neoar chesta korci she. Kicu somoy por uthe bathrrom gie ake oporer gud abong bara clean kore day.

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