Christian cross cultural dating

They seemed immature, unexciting, and too close to home to be attractive.

It was hard to understand how I could be connected to my culture, but disconnected from the guys who populated it.

However this is going to raise certain difficulties that will be unique to your cross cultural situation and caused by those differences in culture.

Many places have very different views on dating and marriage, and on a range of other points too that can make dating difficult.

He wanted His people to keep themselves spiritually pure by not marrying people who worshipped idols or who engaged in other pagan practices.

Nevertheless, nothing would stop the fact that after a long night of dancing to 1950s and '60s American rock and roll at a nearby dance club (clearly something that would never go over well in the States), I found myself hanging out in his apartment, making schnitzel at 4 in the morning and listening to the Doors as the sun came up.(In its native form, Obligatorisk Tortyr, it sounded kind of sexy.) He had a tattoo, nose and tongue piercings, and pronounced "yogurt" like it began with a "j."As a first-generation Indian-American, I had a very different background from the Swede, which made us endlessly exotic to each other.He was deeply interested in my culture—and I was deeply interested in the fact that he was about as far away from being Indian as I could get.But we had little in common; in fact, our shared interests stopped at a love of the Rolling Stones (which, I quickly discovered, is not the key to lasting love).There were others before the Swede—a blue-eyed Southern boy; a freckled art-school student; a half-Jewish guitarist.

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