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Once you get past the initial stages of dating, if a guy is really into you, he will call.

He’s probably going to be calling more than texting because he’ll want to hear your voice…and you’ll want you to hear his, too!

There are a million ways to get in touch with someone we're dating.

There are texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, Skype, Tweets, Gchats, emails..list goes on.

So I put another “coin” the in meter of the relationship by sending a quick text check-in and hope that the other person doesn’t come back with anything more than “I’m good. The words we use make up just seven percent of what is communicated.You can also tell him it’s hard for you to text at work, which may or may not be the full truth.We recommend going the authentic and honest route, as the way in which he receives feedback is an indication of how he’ll respond to meeting your more complex needs down the road.” You can, of course, let him know that a quick “thinking of you” text warms your heart and that a “I’ll be there in five minutes” text is acceptable; however, just be direct in letting him know that when it comes to substantive conversation, you prefer he pick up the phone and call.If you aren’t feeling comfortable to communicate your talking needs…(maybe it’s still early in the relationship), you can also try things such as calling him back when he texts you or simply responding with short replies.

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