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But the view from the world we visited and left remains spellbinding.Blue Marble, 1972; The original "Blue Marble" was taken on Dec.That may lack the you-are-there intimacy an astronaut in a spacecraft can capture, but the richness of the LRO portrait—with the sapphire of the Earth's oceans, the white swirl of its clouds, the almost liquid look of the rolling lunar surface—is surely enough to qualify it as one of NASA's finest.The moon has not felt the press of human boots for 43 years, and it could be many more years before it does again.Back in 1948, the British astrophysicist Sir Fred Hoyle predicted that when spaceflight enabled us to see the whole Earth from space, the view would change us forever.

In August Germany's interior minister came out in favour of a partial ban.In all the months of training and preparation which had preceded the mission, no-one had thought to schedule an attempt for the crew to glimpse and record the most moving of sights, as their jewel of a home planet, suspended in the blackness of space, rose from behind the barren lunar horizon. "Isn't that something…" After a quick joke about the fact that it was not in their flight plan to photograph it, the crew abandoned protocol and scrambled to get a snap of the occasion with their stills camera.The blue marvel For the first three orbits, preoccupied by the Moon and their latest TV broadcast, the spacecraft was not orientated to give them a chance to see the Earth. The Hasselblad only had a black and white film magazine in, resulting in the image above - the first photograph of Earthrise taken by a human as he watched it happen.Copyright 2006-2017, 7227 Montgomery Rd. Experts say this should be done around 3-4 days so your body isnt saturated with this powerful natural stimulant.Also, make sure you have experimented with this substance before using it for a competition.

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