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All our help is free, and our first concern is to support any carer, whatever their circumstances or the condition of the person receiving care.We aim to ensure that all carers in Hertfordshire are recognised and valued; are informed and supported in their caring role; have an opportunity for a life outside caring; can exercise a collective voice; and can be involved in consultation and planning to ensure high quality support services for themselves and the people they care for.There are thousands of active singles on Date looking to chat right now.

We also provide sex and relationships education (SRE) in a range of settings and training courses for professionals working with young people.

The team includes specially trained Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs), who will support those who have been assaulted and liaise with other agencies and support services where appropriate and guide those people through the police process.

Individuals can contact Herts SARC direct using this 24/7 free phone helpline number: 08 Victims who contact the SARC direct will be given all necessary advice and support.

These days, ’modern life’ can mean that we’re a lot less active.

With so many opportunities to watch TV or play computer games, and with so much convenience and fast food available, we don’t move about as much, or eat as well as we used to.

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Neither does engaging in specific sexual activities, having many partners, looking at porn or engaging in cyber-sex.

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