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11/05/65- Loveat 78 RPM 11/12/65 Looking for Tony Orlando as a guest star Marvin [email protected] for Honeymoon Race from 1967 with Marvin & Sandra Kopp Delna [email protected] for the complete series of Our Family Honor Ed [email protected] for the entire series of Blue Light from 1966 Nicole [email protected] am searching for a television advertisement that my Grandmother, Mary K. It was entitled "Tough Judges" made for Crisco who was owned by Proctor & Gamble at the time. Dating Game Season 1978-1979 (1980) Jayney Arden Malloy / Winning picked bachelor picks up Bachlorette, throws her over his shoulder and when he puts her down, her belt pops off. The night time show was with celebrate Kyle Johnson who I went to Lisbon Portugal with.

Questions range from a variety of topics like, “If we were to be married, what type of unusual wedding would you dream up?

My name is Mark Martinez I am not sure of the airing date but I will include this information. I was contestant #2 and was selected to go on the date to Pensacola Florida. I've been searching for years for my father's episode of the Gong Show.

He was a contestant in 1977 (august, I believe) and the judges were Jamie Farr, Mort Sahl, and Jaye P Morgan.

The only questions that weren’t allowed were name, occupation, income or age.

Nothing was supposedly scripted but I’m pretty sure that a least the celebrity guest stars got some warning what the questions might be and even some “helpful” words from the writers.

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  1. I too remember Mr Smith, I also remember having to squeeze across behind the shallow end to get to the male poolside lockers where your clothes got soaked by people jumping in and 'bombing'.

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