Sedating dog with benedryl

Sleepiness is a common side effect which is why diphenhydramine is also the active ingredient in popular sleeping aids such as Sominex and Nytol.

Benadryl is not yet FDA-approved for use in animals, but is considered quite safe when used correctly and with approval from your vet.

Hi,, Most dogs do not like to have their nails trimmed and it takes a bit of training to get them used to it.

Sometime treating the dog with human food by one person while the other person trims the nails is all it takes , or putting the dog on a table as if her were to get groom he is more likely not to struggle.

also doing one nail a night can help the dog get used to having his nails cut, try to sneak up on him when he is already sleeping and give a fast clip of one nail.

Another option is just to bring the dog to the vet and having a vet tech do it.

If your dog needs sedation, you should speak with your veterinarian - there are several generic drugs that can be prescribed for this on an "as-needed" basis that will give you a much better sedation for a similar price.

Benadryl is a trade name for the drug diphenhydramine.

Benadryl can make a dog sleepy so that may help as well.Some pet owners have resorted to diphenhydramine to sedate their dog for traveling, thunderstorms, etc.A study performed by veterinary anesthesiologists has shown that diphenhydramine is not a consistent and reliable drug for premedication to sedate animals.As far as Benadryl dosage for dogs, it is always recommended that owners start at the lower end of the dose range and work their way up as needed.This is often referred to as “titrating the medication to effect”.

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