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The album's first single, "Fight for Love", premiered on AOL Music on February 13, 2009.His third album, Gather 'Round was released in Japan in 2011.The CD is filled with danceable, charming, and incredibly well-performed songs. As a shy pre-teen, Yamin couldn't find the courage to open his mouth in choir (or so the story goes) and lip-synched his parts.By the time he got out of high school, he'd experienced the physical challenges of partial deafness and a diabetes diagnosis.It was retitled in the United States as Let's Get to What's Real and released in 2012.The first single in Japan and the United States was "3 Words." during her son's American Idol competition.

This to gain a foothold in this industry as safe as it has a high.Although he was shy, the judges quickly saw a very friendly and easygoing 28-year-old with a sultry, smooth voice well suited to the genres of rock, pop, soul, R&B and jazz.Yamin had sung karaoke as a teen, which was how he had discovered his own talent.Yamin also released two Christmas collections: Sounds of the Season: The Elliott Yamin Holiday Collection in October 2007 and My Kind of Holiday in October 2008.Yamin's second album, titled Fight for Love, was released on May 5, 2009.

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