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When the girl had to move away, the two made a promise to meet each other at Tokyo University when they grew up. See full summary » It has been one year since the end of Ai Yori Aoshi, and not much has changed.

Kaoru and Aoi are still keeping their love a secret.

However, Kaoru never felt at home in the Hanabishi family and exiled himself after his mother's death.

Day by day he felt alone, thinking that he was living life with no reason pushing him on.

Broadcast on Fuji TV, the first season premiered on April 10, 2002, and aired weekly until its conclusion on September 25, 2002, spanning twenty-four episodes.

Another romantic comedy involving mismatched (mostly female) roommates, Ai Yori Aoshi is clearly aimed at Love Hina fans.

There was, however, a person who loved Kaoru so much that she had to do whatever was necessary to be with him. Aoi is the only daughter of the owner of the Sakuraba Dry Goods Store (later renamed to Sakuraba Department Store).

Ai Yori Aoshi, a manga series by Kou Fumizuki, was adapted into two anime television series by J. In addition to the two seasons two Bonus episodes were also made.

These are the girls living in the Sakuraba Mansion with Kaoru and Aoi that are not Kaoru’s girlfriends!

While Kaoru succeeds in remaining faithful, the misunderstandings and challenges from these girls and the crazy situations they experience may still lead to bodily injury for our hero.

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Kaoru Hanabishi, a university student, is the eldest son of Yūji Hanabishi, the head of the Hanabishi Zaibatsu, and was set to take over the zaibatsu after his father retired.

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